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Non-French speakers could spend a happy couple of days at La Manufacture, which is the go-to venue on the OFF for interesting, contemporary theatre – think Avignon’s Summerhall. Its fare had a strong international flavour – I particularly enjoyed Jogging by Hanane Haji Ali, a humorous and moving one-woman reworking of the Medea myth exploring the lives of contemporary Lebanese women; and Under Ice, a white noise blast of rage, toxic capitalism and masculinity-in-meltdown from Lithuanian director Arturas Areima.

Amber Massie-Blomfield, The Stage (United Kingdom)

The OFF festival must internationalize and not only be French speaking. The “mark” Avignon Festival which overflows on the Off is so powerful that programmers come from all over the world and must be taken into account. It is an economic reality for the international sale of shows, which is accelerating thanks to the surtitling that has become commonplace in the theater (despite the reluctance of the French public). Programmers come from all over Europe but also from the United States and even from New Zealand! It is also a political issue and defense of European humanism, since in China as in the Arab world there is censorship and the festival of Avignon is a haven of peace and defense of democratic values.

Christian Jade, RTBF (Belgium)

« Ce qui demeure », programmed by La Manufacture, one of the good theaters of the “off”, is played at the ice rink, outside the ramparts, where the spectators are taken away by bus. There, the show can unfold without constraint in an hour and forty minutes. Written and directed by Elise Chatauret, it is based on the dialogue between two women, one young, the other 92, who tells his story. It’s fine, delicate, very well staged and played. A comforting nugget, as found in the “off”.

Brigitte Salino, Le Monde (France)

A man who smokes is healthier, damned family.

… Bajour goes even further, it is a collective of collectives with 8 founding members including Leslie Bernard who, this time, signs the staging. She has read Jean-Luc Lagarce or Retour à Reims by Didier Eribon, and wants to talk inside the family of ascents and descents, loss of sight and reunion … This generation is tackling head on, and by fiction, the unacknowledged inequalities of our society.

Aurélie Charon, Liberation (France)
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La Manufacture has since its creation in 2001 been built on different collective dynamics, research projects of new governance, engaged on the way to revitalize the festival Off complementary to the artistic and territory actions of the official selection of the festival d’ Avignon.

Different projects succeeded each other, from the beginning of the synergies with SACD Belgium, the Lansman editions, then a territorial work with the CAT / ESAT Cécilia 84 accompanying during the year and during the festival of people in social reintegration following depressive disorders (2005-2008), actions with young people in the Saint Chamand neighborhood (critical web TV and digital professionalisation 2009-2012).

Today, the festival’s programming is managed by a tight team around Pascal Keizer with Emilie Audren, Maël Le Goff and Pierre Holemans.

The Collective
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Photo Lydia Saidi - Manifestation à Alger, février 2019
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Présentation de la programmation 2019 à Paris ! Très bientôt en ligne sur notre site ✨
@lesplateauxsauvages #manufacture19 #manuf19 #off19 @avignonleoff


La présentation de l'Édition 2019 aura lieu le mardi 30 avril de 13h30 à 16h00 aux Plateaux Sauvages, 5 Rue des Plâtrières - 75020 Paris (Métro ligne 2 - Ménilmontant / Métro ligne 3 - Père Lachaise / Gambetta) en présence des compagnies invitées.
Entrée libre !
LaManufacture84 photo
[REVUE DE PRESSE - ÉDITION 2018] La revue de presse est en ligne sur notre site. Bonne lecture ! LaManufacture84 photo
Interview de Pascal Keiser par Christian Jade (RTBF). La Manufacture plus internationale que belge !
LaManufacture84 photo
La Manufacture vous remercie pour vos présences et votre confiance ! Cette Edition 2018 fut remplie de propositions de sens, fortes et radicales avec 1 programmation internationale, 3 focus, 2 nouveaux lieux, 1 projet de territoire. Bel été à vous ! #manuf18 #OFF18 @avignonleoff


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