La Manufacture, a contemporary collective

Since its creation in 2001, La Manufacture has been built on different collective dynamics, research projects for new governance, committed to how to boost the Festival Off by the development of large platforms and extramural spaces to develop the technicality of the stages and various scenographies. La Manufacture revealed around ten emerging artists who were subsequently programmed at the Avignon Festival. The genres defended are broad and interdisciplinary: theater, dance, performance, music, projects on specific site.

La Manufacture develops participatory and inclusive territory projects throughout the year with residents in 3 outskirts of the city of Avignon, and in rural areas (Apt, Sault, plateau d’Albion). Most of these projects are on a specific site and are associated with places of memory in the territory.

La Manufacture is participating in two Creative Europe projects: Centriphery on artist residences on the outskirts of European cities and Real-In on collective immersive devices without headsets.

The festival’s programming is managed by a tight team around Pascal Keiser with Emilie Audren, Mael Le Goff, Agathe Jeanneau and Pierre Holemans. The territorial projects are managed by Julie Charrier and Jefel Goudjil, the European projects by Marie Albert.