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What makes each word, each gesture convey in itself a potential for the marvelous and can take us towards unexpected to horizons?

Miracles does not allude to unexplained facts attributed to a divine power, but about dances and about the link between what we dance and what we see, hear, feel. The bodies go along with each other, experience each other, collide and end up producing new spaces to reinvest.

Bubbling with energy while distilling an infinite sweetness, this trio surfs on a ridge where hip-hop, contemporary dance and circus art compose an intimate and poetic story.

In a singular scenic device, the three performers explore, by a back and forth between the intimate and the exterior, the question of interdependence, which jostles us as much as it enriches us. The opportunity to celebrate miracles of everyday life.

Bubbling with energy while distilling an infinite sweetness, this trio surfs on a ridge where hip-hop, contemporary dance and circus art compose an intimate and poetic story.

Company presentation

the malka compagny is pursuing a moving reflection around dances’ proximities, languages, communities, human beings, through urban dances energies. Our dance is a “dance to say”, a dance of opening and mixing, a dance beyond human races and borders, also a dance nourished by movements that have travelled down dances through the twentieth century.


BOUBA LANDRILLE TCHOUDA - Choreography artistic director

“I need to meet different people on a daily basis. I create a dance from the melting pot’s society I
like to observe”.

As for a lot of hip-hop dancers, he starts his self-taught apprenticeship. Ever curious, he moved to
Salvador de Bahia and to Fortaleza (Brazil) to study Capoeira. In 1995, he decides to create his first
company ACA in Saint-Martin d’Hères with Habib Adel, a dancer of the same generation. Their first
creation, Old Up, is performed in 1996 in Paris within the framework Danse Ville Danse, which
opens up the French professional sector to them.
Bouba Landrille Tchouda is an intense dancer and a rational choreographer. He approaches dance
through a multitude of facets and carry a powerful work that mixes hip-hop, capoeira and
contemporary dance. His mixed career path, made of original encounters, nourishes his unlimited
investigations of dance language possibilities, trying to push its limits, to break through barriers. He
collaborates with artists of various aesthetics such as Accrorap Company as a dancer-
choreographer, or Jean-Claude Gallotta, and more recently with circus companies ( Le Cirque Plume, la Compagnie des Grandes Personnes). He belongs to the hip –hop dancers & choreographers movement who has been able to develop a singular contemporary choreographic writing.

LYLI GAUTHIER - assistant choreographer

ANNELISE PIZOT - contemporary dancer

RAZY ESSID (Fever) - hip-hop dancer

TIMOTHEE NOAH MGBELE ( Ekilibro) - hip-hop dancer



FABRICE CROUZET - Lighting design



Choreography artistic director Bouba Landrille Tchouda
Assisted by Lyli Gauthier
Performers Annelise Pizot, Razy Essid (fever), Noah Mgbélé Timothée (ekilibro)
Music Yvan Talbot
Scenography Rodrigue Glombard
Lighting design Fabrice Crouzet
Costume Claude Murgia
Press Elektronlibre – Olivier Saksik


Production Compagnie Malka
Co-Production Theater le Rive Gauche, subsidised theater for art and dance creation – Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray – Municipal Theater of Grenoble
Supports Prémol Theater – Grenoble, CDCN Le Pacifique – Grenoble, MC2: Grenoble, National scene, CCN2 – Grenoble, Grand Angle – Voiron, the Department of Isère, the City of Grenoble, and the French Institute.

In the press

Bouba Landrille Tchouda designed this piece for and with three dancers from great talents, each in their discipline, contemporary dance, hip-hop. Note this remarkable pas de deux where the dancers are one, a biomorphic structure nice to look at.


This blending of styles produced with Miracles a singular piece in its vocabulary and mastered from start to finish.


This show, with electro-acoustics sound is a moment suspended between balance and poetry, a mix of styles, a journey to the heart of intimacy.


© Camille Triadou

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+33 6 14 23 45 62 / coordination@ciemalka.com


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08 > 19.07

Break 13.07

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From 7 years old

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Pro rate: 9€

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