Invested by the teams of La Manufacture since 2008, this ice rink from the 1960s has enabled us, with our technical teams led by Eric Blondeau, to offer several singularities in the way of thinking of the Festival Off, while developing during the festival and the year a participatory and collaborative territory project. This atypical venue, located in the Saint-Chamand district, is the largest off-road area with a total area of ​​2,500 m2 and can accommodate 180 to 585 spectators.

The first singularity in imagining a place located in the periphery, was to offer a moment of breathing to the public before and after each show. This break changes the conditions of reception and assimilation of artistic projects. A maximum opening of 25 meters, a depth of 15 meters, a motorized grill and the surface of a half ice hockey field available in addition have given us another singularity, the ability to store sets not dismantled on wheels. Finally, 40 minutes are offered to the teams between each show, which allows a peaceful management of changes of stage.

It is accessible by Manufacture shuttle (departing from rue des Écoles) and by tram in 10 minutes from the central station.


2483 Avenue de l’Amandier
84140 Avignon