La Langue de mon Père

Cie Grand Chêne Chevelü

La Langue de mon Père

Sultan Ulutas Alopé

This is the story of a woman who recently immigrated to France. While she waits for her papers, the learning her father’s mother tongue, Kurdish, takes her on a journey to the shadow areas of her past. By learning this language, which has long been forbidden in her native country, she questions her relationship with her father, whom she has not seen for years, and the daily racism with which she was raised as a child. During this mental journey between Turkey and France, she uses French as a protection, a language that no one else in her family speaks or understands; a language that she does not fully master. 

Can a language be a life jacket?

Company presentation

Comedian of Kurdish and Turkish origin, Sultan Ulutas Alopé studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique following practical and academic theatre studies in Istanbul and at the ENS - Lyon. Accompanied by the multi-faceted artist Jeanne Garraud, she is particularly interested in the feeling of strangeness on the stage and develops a writing of the intimate all in simplicity, showing the societal and sociological mechanisms that surround her. She is currently working on her writing projects in Turkish and French and she is also a comedian in the both countries.


Concept, writing and performance Sultan Ulutas Alopé
Artistic collaboration on the production Jeanne Garraud
Lighting design Vincent Chrétien


Production  Sorcières&Cie/Le Bureau des Filles, CPPC – Mythos
Delegated production Sorcières & Cie/Le Bureau des Filles
Diffusion CPPC – Le Bureau des Paroles
Supporters  Label Sens Interdits, JTN, Clochards Célestes, CCNRB

Soon to be published by l’Espace d’Un Instant

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