A Vampire in the sun

Le Cri de l'Armoire company

A Vampire in the sun

Marien Tillet / Marik Renner

A vampire is talking.
She tells her story but some things are missing. Her memory is riddled with holes and gaps.
She talks about her encounter with the “barrier-man”, talks about the sunspots on the walls of her childhood bedroom.

She brings the night to light and the unexpected social life attached to it.
She tells the memory of the day.
But is she really a vampire ? Is the story she’s trying so hard to tell just an excuse to escape what is really happening ?
And who is this guitarist and what is he doing by her side ?

A vampire in the sun is a mental road trip, the unstable and sinuous story of a woman under the influence, taking the risk of exposure and its irreparable burn.

Since our memory always ends up failing us, what's the point of being immortal?

Company presentation

Created in 2012, the Cri de l'Armoire company questions our ways of representing the world.
Through its stories written for theater, Le Cri de l'Armoire highlights different realities, singular perceptions via the paths of characters struck by strange destinies.
Since its creation, the company has been trying to divert people's course of thought (the old definition of "entertain"), to shift the gaze, to see things differently.


Marien Tillet - Stage direction, text, acting and music

"Author on stage", Marien Tillet creates his shows in a collective and global sense of writing.
The specific relationship between the stage and the audience is his formal guard rail. In his storytelling one-man shows, he tries to establish a paradoxical relationship of proximity between him, alone on a big stage and the spectator of the last row.
The irruption of strange and fantasy elements in his stories is a fundamental part of his research. By using the codes of theater to unwind his storytelling, he blurs the borders between fiction and reality.
Taking narratives and the role of storyteller as his central axis, he creates live sound universes by elaborating - in his partnerships with sound engineers - new technical devices. As a dramatist and director, he also accompanies many artists connected to orality and storytelling.

Marik Renner - Co-writing and acting

Marik Renner, is an actress, dancer and performer, graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art Dramatique de Montpellier under the direction of Ariel Garcia Valdès. As soon as she graduated, she performed with the permanent troupe of the CDN of Montpellier, then joined the permanent theater companies of the CDN of Tours and Besançon. She danced at the Montpellier Danse festival and in The sujets à vifs at the Festival d'Avignon, while training in documentary filmmaking at the Ateliers Varan. Her first short fiction film as author and director, produced by Vagabundo Films, is currently in production.
Nowadays, Marik directs her research towards a hybrid living art, mixing disciplines such as theater, dance, music, video...

In collaboration with Dalia Naous and the Compagnie Le Cri de l'Armoire, she created "La Cabine 134", an immersive sound installation around the theme of disappearance set in public spaces in the city of Port-Vendres. Marik and Dalia have been selected by the Villa Albertine to participate in a 1 month residency in 2024 in the magic city, Miami.


Direction Marien Tillet
Performers Marik Renner (acting) Marien Tillet (acting and music)
Playwrite and music Marien Tillet
Co-writing Marik Renner
Set design and lighting Samuel Poncet
Sound design Pierre-Alain Vernette
Light and sound control (in rotation) Laurent Le Gall & Tom Dekel


Production Le Cri de l’Armoire
Associate producers La Maison du Conte (Chevilly-Larue), La Manekine (Pont Sainte Maxence)
Associates and partners for artistic residencies Les Tréteaux de France, Le T.A.G. Grigny, Pôle culturel de Chorges, Centre culturel de Gonesse, La Manufacture – Avignon
Associate directors Le Théâtre Dunois (Paris)


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