21 ans Deleuze Monument

Thomas Hirschhorn

21 ans Deleuze Monument

10 minutes from the city center

Thomas Hirschhorn proposes a 160 m2 installation on his master piece Deleuze Monument created in Avignon suburbs in 2000, and shows how this work has tailored 20 years of urban and participatory works for him around the world. Photographer Alexandra de Laminne gives us some insights of the assembly of the 21 years Deleuze Monument assembly with the artist, inhabitants and students of Avignon School of Art.

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21 years Deleuze Monument is proof that the durability of a work of art comes from moments of intensity that the work is capable of creating, from these moments of grace.— Thomas Hirschhorn

And also: Photo exhibition on the 21-year-old Deleuze Monument montage

Photographer Alexandra de Laminne gives us a series of snapshots of singular moments in the assembly of this exhibition during confinement with the students of the School of Art, the inhabitants and Thomas Hirschhorn. Visible in our Intra-Muros garden.


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09.06 > 31.10

du mardi au samedi

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