REAL-IN is an alliance made up of 2 European festivals (La Manufacture – Performing arts in Avignon, and VRHAM! – Visual arts and interactive design in Hamburg), 2 innovative cultural institutions in 2 large European cities linked to two festivals (MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan / Design week, Espronceda, Institute of Art and Culture, in Barcelona / Mira digital art festival), and Dark Euphoria, a production company for innovative digital experiences, based on the meeting between artists and new technologies located in one of the main European audiovisual centers in Marseille.

REAL-IN aims to explore the innovative crossroads of new dramaturgical writings between cultural, audiovisual and creative sectors for collective immersive proposals, as opposed to individual helmets, exploiting 3D scanning technologies / 3D scanning to capture the movements of groups people in a space, making them interact in real time with projected videos, or music. REAL-IN will implement an innovative program of residencies in Marseille and events in each festival. Concretely:

  • A European call for projects will be launched in 2021 for each of the four disciplines (performing arts, visual arts and interactive design, music, fashion / design), in the fall of 2021 for La Manufacture

  • A European jury will select the winning project for each discipline

  • These 4 projects are offered a creation / prototyping residency in Marseille at Dark Euphoria

  • The four projects are then presented in each of the festivals with a European symposium and laboratory spaces on interactive immersive technologies for professionals from the four sectors, in July 2022 for La Manufacture

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