Creative Europe – Centriphery

La Manufacture is one of the operators of the “Creative Europe 9 countries Centriphery” project of the European Commission.

This project is strategic for the Commission because it makes it possible to analyze innovations and good practices in artistic projects located on the outskirts of cities, regions or in rural areas, these territories which constitute the majority of concrete situations on European territory, and are therefore of interest to a majority of European citizens.

This project aims to exchange good practices, artists and the establishment of participatory and inclusive creations in these situations on the outskirts of European cities or regions.

La Manufacture has selected two artists from the Sud / Paca Region for this project, Fred Nevché, author, poet, musician, and Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, choreographer. They are each offered a creative residency in two major European venues or festivals each time with two artists from two other European countries, and create a project in Saint Chamand in the same way with two European artists from the program invited to France.

Eric Minh Cuong Castaing was able to create a project in the Netherlands in August 2019 as part of the great historical festival Cultura Nova, and Fred Nevché will create in 2022 a project in Finland in the main Finnish production theater, the Espoo City Theatre, on the outskirts of Helsinki.

In Saint-Chamand, they work with two artists from the Walk and Talk festival (Azores Islands, Portugal), the urban architects from Mezzo Atelier Giacomo Mezzadri and Joana Oliveira, and the videographer Rayna Teneva from the Goat Milk festival (Bulgaria).


Voice, poetry, music Fred Nevche (fr) Choreography Eric Minh Cuong Castaing (fr) Video creation Rayna Teneva (Bulgaria) Urban architects, scenographers Mezzo Atelier, Giacomo Mezzadri, Joana Oliveira (Portugal / Italy)

A work of collecting, writing, and musical and vocal composition is underway, in particular with the Saint-Chamand women’s literacy group. A series of work residencies have been organized with European artists and from the South / Paca Region in interaction with local associations, actors of the territory and inhabitants, in particular through the creation of a human and social meeting space. between residents of the Saint-Chamand district, which does not have one.


The final form will be a sound tour where the public will be guided by the inhabitants of the territory, accompanied by a film presenting the specificities of the inhabitants of the district, seen by European artists also living in peripheral situations in the Azores and Bulgaria. The writing work is linked to the voice work, but not only it uses the auto-tune as a transgenerational vocal tool and the sound walk as a testimony to the history of the inhabitants.

It takes as its starting point musical works of the Maghrebian culture, such as Lili Boniche, the group of Kabyle singers Djurjura, or Mazouni, and more broadly all the Raï music in which we find this so particular vocal effect and that we call auto-tune (effect that synthesizes the voice and gives it a feeling of slight derailment, or derailment). Today, this vocal effect has spread to all current music and especially Rap, such as PNL, Ninho, Niska, Hamza, etc …). It will connect the older generations who knew it because it was used by Raï music in weddings, and by young people in today’s Rap and pop music more generally.

The work can take the form of voice recording (especially to respect people who do not want to be staged or filmed).

Centriphery is a Creative Europe 2018-2022 project in 9 countries co-funded by the European Commission. Fred Nevche and Eric Minh Cuong Castaing are artists associated with Centriphery. With the Festival Walk and Talk Festival (Azores, Portugal), the Festival Goat Milk (Bulgaria), the Festival Cultura Nova (Netherlands), Espoo City Theatre (Finland).
With the Cultural pole of Saint-Chamand, the annexed town hall of Saint-Chamand, the associations of Saint-Chamand.

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