Ukrainian Pavilion

Ukrainian Pavilion


As part of the Pavillon du Futur project initiated by La Manufacture, we have chosen this year to give a special place to Ukrainian creativity and artists.

Because the war that has made its return to Europe is not only an economic and territorial war but also a war of culture, it seemed important to us to highlight Ukrainian creativity. We wanted here to give clarity to this very special, original, rich and abundant culture.

Since most of the troops cannot travel outside the borders due to the conscription of men aged 18 to 60, we will offer mixed forms combining projection and face-to-face artists, photo exhibitions.

A program where we will find the creation of the “archaeological” opera of the Opera Aperta company “Chornobyldorf” (5 prizes at the last GRA festival in Kyiv) in projection and live music. A performance of “Filoktet – an antic rave” (prize for best actor at the GRA festival in Kyiv 2021) by the Lesia Ukrainka Theater in Lviv, an original choreographic piece “Red Room”, A puppet show performed in the corridors of the refuge metro of the civilian population by the national puppet theater of Kharkiv, several readings of contemporary Ukrainian texts including “Crimea 5AM” memoir texts of the Crimean Tatars, a photography exhibition…



This initiative is supported by the Ukrainian Institute, the ONDA, the French Institute, Arsud, the City of Avignon.

Curators Frédéric Poty, Pascal Keiser, Veronika Skliarova and Anastasiia Haistenets.

Programme 09.07

14:00  Opening of the Polina Polikarpova’s exhibition


14:00 Presentation of the project “WE” 
Sashko Brama, Maria Yasinska, Ludmila Batalova
An art media project launched by Sasha Brama and representatives of the Ukrainian Independent Theater in March 2020, when due to the introduction of lockdown, all the usual ways of communication between the theater and its audience became impossible.
The interdisciplinary project collects documentary evidence first of the pandemic era, and now – the war. Based on the collected material, the authors of the project develop a concept and materials for a multimedia performance that lies at the intersection of post-documentary theater, digital storytelling and visual arts.


15:00 Pitch of the possible partners for collaboration
The matchmaking will include various organization, among them Оrpheus, Puppet theatre activities during the war

Programme 10.07

14:00 VODURUDU dance film by Anatoliy Sachivko (1 h 15 min)
This film is an act of revival of national culture, through the expressiveness of such independent elements of folk art as music and dance, displayed in the frame of the film, that transforms their action into a dynamic picture that will be tested only by faith and time. Watch trailer here.


15:15  Rad Room by Totem Dance Group
The suite in the genre of absurdity raises the question of the existing reality, the concept of sinfulness. Physically interprets and manifests vices, multiplying them by each other. Explores the viewer’s perception of color, sound triggers and deconstructs the usual composition.


15.30 Discussion: Contemporary dance in Ukraine 
Viktor Ruban, Polina Bulat

Programme 11.07

14.00 H-Effect


15:30 Ukrainian theater in the context of postcolonialism
Nina Khyzhna, Iryna Chuzhinova, Roza Sarkisian, Viktor Ruban moderate

Programme 12.07

14:00 Chornobyldorf live
By Opera Aperta presented by Roman Hrygoriv, Illia Razumeiko and Marichka Shtyrbulova
Music theater “Chornobyldorf. Archaelogical opera” – is contemporary media-opera, staged performance, which combines folk and classical singing with physical theater, dance, unique musical instruments and cinematic video-novels. The performance was produced in 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine.


15:30 Artist talk with Illia Razumeiko

Programme 13.07

16:45 Imperium delenda est by Teatr Lesi live
The performance is based on poems position that Russia’s military aggression violates all possible existing conventions and values of good old Europe created after World War II, but they all now just fell as great narratives.


Event will be at La Manufacture Intra-Muros, 2 rue des Écoles.

Programme 14.07

14:00 Public talk with curators of the program
Frederic, Veronika, Nastya, Pascal


15:20 Philoctetes video + Teatr Lesi artist talk live

Programme 15.07

14:00 Crimea, 5 a.m. Stage reading + video
Viktor Ruban
Crimea 5 am is an international project dedicated to political prisoners. Its purpose is to draw the attention of Ukrainian and international society to human rights violations in the temporarily occupied Crimean peninsula.


15:30 Public talk about war activities of the ukrainian theatre sector
– Kharkiv Puppet theatre
– Theatre Varta (Artom Vusik)
– Ukrainian theatre in Prague (Anna Turlo)

Programme 16.07

14.00 Mariupol Life [Between  outpost and startup]
Lecture on the experience of cooperation with the city of Mariupol
Andriy Palatny


15:30 “human? …”  by mariia&magdalyna+ krkrk live
On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine. The absolutely cruel phase of the 8-year, bloody war against the Ukrainian people began. At this difficult time for our country, it is very important for us to think about everything that is happening “human? …” is a theatrical and musical mass based on the diaries of the war. Research who human is and how to feel about the war. Artistic search of actresses mariia&magdalyna together with double bassist and electronic musician krkrk.


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Free entrance.
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