What is the difference between sneakers and a fish?

They will tell you: the answer is not in the question.

The Turtles Crew arrive at La Manufacture for their first show in Avignon. The quintête mounted on springs considers their first release La Mixeutape as a joyous mess, between respect for rapological traditions and inspiration from elsewhere. In their chapel, hip-hop, jazz and electronic music meet, a musical potion to invoke the sun in the gloom.

These cheese naan lovers like to share their music, and it is on stage that they express themselves best. Alternating 16 introspective bars, incredible sleight of hand and luminous choruses, their American West Side references cross swords with more acoustic sounds to federate beyond gender issues.

Flow snake charmers, voluptuousness of gutter birds, the Turtles Crew is in the house to sing love until dawn, so come. 

The Turtles Crew is in the house to sing love until dawn

Tony Magazine - DJ / Beat Maker

Tony is an actor, director and DJ. He makes instrumentals, and mixes on stage. He is also equipped with a microphone, to back up the texts he knows better than the one who wrote it. He's also the smart guy who says what needs to be done to make things go well. His stage name is Tony Magazine, got it?

LilyBlues - Rappeur/ Danseur

LilyBlues is an actor and dancer. His totem animal is the chimpanzee. On stage, his energy is limitless. When he raps, he uses terms such as “moultes”, “mi-cuit” or even “ristourne”: his style is unique. He calls himself "Naf Naf la puissance" but his name is LilyBlues.

PanPan - Rappeur/ Danseur

There is always a rapper a little better than the others in rap groups, the one who always does the verse that you prefer in each sound and that you rap in your bathroom. This guy's name is PanPan. Besides, he is an actor, director and has an excellent backhand at Ping Pong.

Freddy Barbara - Rappeur/ Beat Maker

Freddy is a jazz musician. Besides, he composes music for plays. He calls himself MojoBruce.
Within the Turtles Crew, he makes instrumentals and raps over them. It clearly makes him the coolest member of the group.

Lüx - Rappeur

Lüx is a traveler, who gave up everything to live on love and wind that goes west, on the other side of planet. In 2021, he released his EP "Perfectionist". It's a classic, because everything Lüx does can be called a classic. Lüx does not respond to any name other than “Lüx”.

© Eloi Quillet, Gabriel Fessemaz

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