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Éric Arlix

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Gears have changed since Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times but humans still need tricks and skills to cope with the world’s brutality. New management, reality shows, and the world after… today’s humans, now streamlined like racecars, fight to find their place amidst a hodge-podge of diktats. “Do not undergo your nth personal crash. Do your best. It’s now.” A single route to a wonderful Programme!

Do not undergo your nth personal crash. Do your best. It’s now. — Éric Arlix

Company presentation

Based in Toulouse since 1996, groupe Merci was created by Solange Oswald and Joël Fesel. The company carries out crossbred experiments combining theater and plastic arts: their “Nocturnal Objects”. Groupe Merci likes to explore non-theatrical spaces and devise immersive promenade-performances that “leap out” in unforeseen places: offering contemporary texts for the spectators to hear, where they least expect it, staged within singular performance installations. Groupe Merci has presented six Nocturnal Objects at the “In” Festival d’Avignon among which “La Mastication des morts.”

Éric Arlix - Writer

He is a writer, a publisher and a “form researcher”, whose books and eclectic production (concerts, readings, videos, publishing, workshops) interweave the unlikelihood of reality with a chaotic future. He has written eleven books (Le Monde de Jou, Désobéissance, Le Guide du démocrate…), three of which have been adapted for the stage, and put out 80 more as a publisher (Éditions ère, then Éditions JOU, since 2017).


With Georges Campagnac & Eliott Pineau Orcier
Concept & design Joël Fesel
Artistic collaboration Marie-Laure Hée & Pierre Déaux
Set design Alexandre Bügel
Lighting design & stage management Raphaël Sevet
Distribution Céline Maufra


Production groupe Merci
Supports Circa, pôle national cirque, Auch Gers / Pavillon Mazar / Conseil départemental de la Haute-Garonne / Occitanie en scène
Groupe Merci is subsidized by DRAC Occitanie, Région Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée & Ville de Toulouse

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