No MAN’s land


No MAN’s land

Milène Duhameau

In stage, 3 men, 3 performers switching between sensuality, fragility, gentleness, anger or brute force. This show is built as a no man’s land, a loneliness place where they’re trying to find who they are and where they belong. Stage and public become a landscape to explore as their body. Find borders, build bridges between them and others, revealing themselves in order to fully exist…

Any border is the recognition of the presence and the difference of the other — R.Debray

Company presentation

Born in 2008 by the weel of an emerging choreographer (Milène Duhameau), Daruma is a hybrid dance company who mix contempory, hip hop and contact dance to express and expose the power and the sensibility of a body in movement. Performing in and out door as a company’s DNA to play everywhere and for everybody, Daruma search is not about broadcasting a message but about provoking reactions to events and human behaviors.


Choregrapher Milène Duhameau
With Ayoub Kerkal, Marino Vanna, Romain Veysseyre
Assistant choregrapher Stéphanie Jardin
Set designer Clément Dubois
Sound designer Romain Serre
Lighting designer (stage) Lise Poyol


Co-productions La Comédie, Scène Nationale de Clermont-Ferrand, La Coloc’ de la Culture – Scène conventionnée régionale de Cournon-d’Auvergne, Le Caméléon – Ville de Pont du Château
Accueils en résidence de création La Diode – pôle chorégraphique de la Ville de Clermont-Ferrand, Studio Dyptik à Saint-Etienne, Le Caméléon – Ville de Pont-du-Château, CCN2 – Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble (prêt de studio), La cour des 3 coquins / Scène Vivante – Clermont Ferrand, La Coloc’ de la Culture – Scène conventionnée régionale de Cournon – d’Auvergne
Aides à la création Fonds SACD pour la Musique de scène et SPEDIDAM

© Fanny Reuillard

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Break on 12 & 19.07

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From 10 years

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