Château de Saint-Chamand

Château de Saint-Chamand

This building, initially a cultural center, was built during the development of the City of Saint-Chamand in the 1960s. It has since been used as a multipurpose room, in particular by the Social Center and includes a library. In this place, La Manufacture initiates Oxygène a project in co-governance with artists, residents' association, social center, college, district town hall. A year-round residency programme is being developed there, with the European Centriphery network bringing together 9 structures on the outskirts of cities or regions across the European Union.

This superb 14-meter-wide, 10-meter-deep, and 7-meter-high single-level platform can accommodate 100 spectators. 45 minutes are offered to the teams between each show, which allows a peaceful management of changes of stage. Accessible by Manufacture shuttle (from rue des Écoles) and by tram.


3 avenue François Mauriac
84000 Avignon


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