Ferme du Biéreau


Thomas Prédour

Lisa Simone moves into the house where her mother, Nina Simone, spent her last days. Suddenly, someone appears on the doorstep. It’s Nina. Jazz and classical music intertwine around issues such as filiation, love, racism, the struggle for civil rights and Afro-feminism. A musical and theatrical journey,  featuring a pianist and two beautiful voices, around the life of an essential artist.

I wish i knew how it would feel to be free. — Nina Simone

Company presentation

NinaLisa was created in Belgium in January 2019 and has met with great success among the public and the critics since then. The team carrying out the project includes artists from Belgium, Haiti and West Africa.


Director Thomas Prédour
Featuring Dyna, Isnelle da Silveira (acting) and Charles Loos (piano)
Playwrights Thomas Prédour and Isnelle da Silveira
Dramaturgy François Ebouele
Scenic advisor Gabriel Alloing
Choreographer Serge Aimé Coulibaly
Scenic designer Cécile Balate 
Lights and video designer Benjamin Struelens
Paintings and illustrations Alix Philippe
Costume designer Judith Van Parys


Coproduced by Théâtre Le Public, Ferme du Biéreau, émozon, AB, Lézards Cyniques and Tapage Nocturne.
With the support of the Walloon Brabant Province, the city of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Lookinout, COCOF, AWEX and the Tax-shelter program from the Belgian Federal authorities.

In the press

“An enchanting meeting: wonderful Isnelle da Silveira and Dyna, perfect Charles Loos.”

Le Soir (***)

“A bewitching show.”

Libre Théâtre

“A superb and must-see musical journey.”

Sud-Art Culture

© Silvia Baldan, Alice Piemme

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