Le Sale Discours

Association Incipit

Le Sale Discours

David Wahl, Pierre Guillois

It is a story about the environment. An environment shaped by our garbage, our excrement and our waste. It is a story about our survival instinct, our dreams of eternity, the fear of death. It is the story of humankind who considers survival at the cost of environment. And of the increasingly vertiginous cycle in which this struggle leads him. What is clean? What is dirty? To approach these problems with hindsight and with humor. The reflection is needed. For awareness, or at least, the possibility of a dialogue.

If man is said to be cleaner and cleaner, why is the world dirtier and dirtier for him?


By and with David Wahl
Director Pierre Guillois
Technical coordination Jean-Yves Marion
Stage manager Anne Wagner
Light manager Anthony Henrot


Coproduction Le Quartz – Scène nationale de Brest, La Faïencerie – Créil, Châteauvallon –Scène nationale, La Maison de la Poésie – scène littéraire à Paris.
In immersion at L’Andra, L’institut Curie/Musée Curie, au Quartz – Scène nationale de Brest
With supports of de L’Andra et de Big Bennes/ Soignolles-en-Brie
David Wahl is associate artist at Océanopolis, Brest – Centre de Culture Scientifique et Technique dédié à l’Océan

Your contacts in Avignon (pro only)

Anne Sophie Boulan
06 03 29 24 11 / as.boulan@gmail.com

Mariene Affou (Administration)
06 20 96 24 91 / mariene.incipit@gmail.com


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16 > 25.07

Break on 19.07

Château de Saint-Chamand Route /

From 15 years

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