Katherine Poneuve

Le Groupe O

Katherine Poneuve

Lara Marcou

A solo performance in which theater, dance and songs mingle, a “new” Snow White tale running away from something other than feminine jealousy, to flourish into something other than being a servant of little men, and to conclude without a princely kiss.

A beautiful escape that tells us not only about the radical emancipation of a woman, but also about the art of being oneself, about wild dreams, about freedom.

Protean and forest solo.

Company presentation

Groupe O was created in 2016 by Lara Marcou and Marc Vittecoq to organize SITU, a festival of theatrical and cinematographic creations on the Côte d’Albâtre (Normandy) in France.
Lara Marcou and Marc Vittecoq were associated artists at the Préau – Centre dramatique national de Vire (National Drama Center of Vire)- for the period 2019-2022.

Groupe O defends in its pieces a writing on the stage. Depending on the moment, Groupe O works with amateurs, in schools or hospitals, uses the material produced for creation, brings together the different forces that nourish life and art.


Lara Marcou - Director / Performer

Lara Marcou first trained in classical and contemporary dance at the CNR (Conservatoire National de Région – National Conservatory of Region) in Grenoble and Montpellier (France), then at Compagnie Coline in Istres (France), and to top it all at Merce Cunningham and Trisha Brown School in New York. Regarding theatre, she trained at the National Theater School in Chaillot and at the Conservatory of the 5th arrondissement in Paris. In 2011, she successfully passed the French Diplôme d’État (State Diploma) that allows to be a contemporary dance teacher. At the same time, she learned to play flute and finally piano.

Since 2006 she worked as a performer, notably with Hasard Objectif, Das plateau, D'ores et déjà and Un Festival à Villeréal where she directed in 2012 the play “Il n’est pas donné à tout le monde… d’aller à Corinthe”. In 2014, she directed Et Carthago delenda est (short film, 30’).
In 2014 and 2015 she organized and co-directed Un Festival à Villerville.
In 2016, she created with Marc Vittecoq the SITU Festival of which five editions took place in Veules-les-Roses in Normandy.

In November 2018, she staged L'Âge Bête created at the CDN of Normandy-Rouen, the first show of Groupe O, the company she has co-chaired with Marc Vittecoq since 2016. The second show of Groupe O, Ainsi passe la gloire du monde, co-directed with Marc Vittecoq, premiered at CDN of Vire in December 2020 and was selected for the Festival Impatience 2022.

Marc Vittecoq - Co-director

Marc Vittecoq was born in 1981 from an athletic father and a headache suffering mother. He really started theater in 2001, after long studies, with Bob Villette who, among other things, prepared him for the Conservatory competition. At the Conservatoire supérieur d’art dramatique - CNSAD (2003-2006), he worked mainly with Muriel Mayette, Árpád Schilling and few friends.

Since 2007, he has worked regularly as an actor-author or assistant with Árpád Schilling and the Hungarian theater company Krétakör and staged: Praise of the Escapologist, Laborhotel, URBAN RABBITs, Noéplanète, A Párt (The Party).

Since 2008, he has been part of the collective La vie brève as an actor-author with Jeanne Candel and staged: Robert Plankett (2010-2012), Le Goût du Faux et autres chansons (2014-2016). He directed QUOI (Théâtre la Cité internationale, Théâtre de Vanves, in Paris 2015).

In 2014 and 2015 he organized and co-directed Un Festival à Villerville.
He co-directed with Sébastien Téot the films TARPAN (2014), and QUOIfilm (2015).
He wrote and directed with Matthieu Gary and Sidney Pin (La Volte) the circus show Chute !
He played and sang in Un Ours of cOurse, a musical tale for children by Lawrence Williams and Alice Zeniter.
In the frame of Un Festival à Villeréal he directed Migrations (2011), L'École (2012), and QUOI (2015).
In 2016, he created the company Le Groupe O with Lara Marcou, with whom he organized Le Festival SITU, a festival of theatrical and cinematographic creations on the Côte d'Albâtre in Normandy. The fifth edition of this event took place in August 2021.

As part of Festival SITU2017 he staged and performed the circus-theatre creation La Mouette, in collaboration with Matthieu Gary, Sidney Pin and Fragan Gehlker.

In 2018 he collaborated in the staging of L'âge bête directed by Lara Marcou, the first show of Groupe O (held at the CDN de Normandie Rouen and then during a tour). The second show of Groupe O, Ainsi passe la gloire du monde, co-directed with Lara Marcou, was created at the CDN de Vire in December 2020 and was selected for the Festival Impatience 2022.

Recently, he co-directed Clinamen Show by the Bekkrell Group (creation October 2019, at Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf, CIRCa, Le Monfort, Festival Spring) and De bonne raisons with La Volte-Cirque (created in 2022).

Florent Dupuis - Music creator

Florent Dupuis composes, sings and performs in an electro-pop universe for various musical formations, and also for live performance. He is preparing the release of his first EP, from the soundtrack of the show First Trip, directed by Katia Ferreira.

Regarding theater he trained at Cycle d’Orientation Professionnelle of the Rennes Conservatory, under the direction of Daniel Dupont, then at L’École national d’art dramatique in Montpellier, directed by Ariel Garcia Valdès, and then Richard Mitou. He graduated in June 2014, and became a member of the Collectif La Carte Blanche.

He played in the film performance Nobody, directed by Cyril Teste, as well as in the show First Trip, directed by Katia Ferreira.
He launched the solo performance Folamour, directed by Mathias Labelle. As part of the Printemps des Comédiens, he presents a model of his staging project living|dead, a free adaptation of the novel Ubik by Philip K. Dick.
In 2020, during the outbreak’s confinement, he launched Radio Fenestrou, a local and participatory web radio, listenable in the form of a podcast. In August, with Lara Marcou and Marianne Nicollet, the web radio set makes its first live in public.

He has also shot for television and cinema with François Ozon, Alice Douard, series as for example the Tandem, Candice Renoir...


Mise en scène Lara Marcou, Marc Vittecoq
Interprète Lara Marcou
Scénographie Alice Godefroid
Créateur sonore Florent Dupuis
Costumes Suzanne Veiga Gomes
Création lumière Sylvain Séchet
Son Paul Bonnet
Régie générale Nours & Johanna Moaligou
Diffusion Margaux Decaudin & Théâtre La Loge-Paris


Production Le Groupe O / Adalie
Coproduction Théâtre Jean Vilar — Montpellier ; Le Périscope — Nîmes ; Théâtre du Préau, CDN de Normandie-Vire ; Théâtre Albarède — Communauté de communes des Cévennes gangeoises et suménoises

Avec le soutien de la DRAC Occitanie, du Département du Gard dans le cadre de l’aide à la création ainsi que la Région Normandie (aide à la maquette)

In the press

Lara Marcou is one of the newcomers of this Printemps des comédiens. (...) A blowout, a one-way towards yourself that she says it’s inspired by American feminists but speaks to us infinitely.
Hernandez / Lokko

Lokko/ Valéria Hernandez

(..) We end up being wary of so -called "feminist" shows, like those who "make theater" to talk about the theater. The former are often mistaken by believing that it is enough for a good subject to make a good piece, and one wonders to whom the latter is talking. At the Festival Impatience, the Groupe O, however, has successfully combined both.

Mouvement.net/ Aïnhoa Jean-Calmettes

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07 85 60 12 56 / legroupeo.theatre@gmail.com


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