Good Mourning ! VOStBil (RELOADED)

Venedig Meer

Good Mourning ! VOStBil (RELOADED)

Florence Minder

Somewhere between Andy Kaufman and one of many Cohen brothers’ characters, Florence Minder’s American version of herself offers a space to deploy the full range of shames, terrible depressions and life-saving displacements imposed by life’s accidents, with a great dose of humor.

“You are as many human beings as the number of languages you speak” said Goethe.

For this heroine in dire straits, this linguistic schizophrenia may well come in handy… With a gun, a wig, some chewing gum, earrings and surtitles, we might even manage to scare off the wolves prowling in the abyss…

After a rotten year, I need to create a show about grief. I also needed to be funny. A brilliant, tragic, and hilarious bilingual stand-up that blurs the lines of my confusion...

Company presentation

Founded in 2016, the Belgian company Venedig Meer is co-directed by Florence Minder, Manon Faure and Julien Jaillot and has been an artistic partner of Théâtre Varia (Brussels) since 2022.
In 2017, Télérama described “Saison 1” as a theatrical ritual with a fresh spirit and joyful vitality.
In 2018, it was awarded the Prix SACD Théâtre.
In 2020, the press described “Faire quelque chose. (C’est le faire, non?)” as formidable, masterful, flawless, tragic and heart-warming.
In September 2024, Venedig Meer returns with its new show “L'invisible n'est pas inexistant”.
Stay tuned…

Florence Minder - Author, performer and co-director

Born in Lausanne, Florence Minder is an actress, director and author based in Brussels.
She trained in acting at INSAS (2006), and since 2010 has been developing a creative practice alongside her acting.
“Advent Calendar 2011” is a 24-day performance created at the Théâtre National (Brussels).
In 2012, with “Good Mourning VOStBil”, she raised the question of mourning and mental health in a funny and explosive stand-up show that toured 6 countries after its premiere at the Théâtre National.
In 2016, she founded the company Venedig Meer, within which she invited Manon Faure and Julien Jaillot.
In 2017, she embarked on the narrative mode that is most in vogue nowadays, the storytelling of the series, with “Saison 1”, a deep dive into a TV version of the Amazon in which the ecosystem of the collective imagination is dissected. Télérama describes it as “a theatrical ritual with a fresh spirit and a delightful vitality”. Florence Minder was awarded the Prix SACD Théâtre in 2018, and the German translation of the text has been read at and by the Berliner Ensemble in 2019. Her international collaborations include Sarah Berthiaume, Karen Köhler, the Merighi Mercy company and Léa Pohlhammer.
In 2020, in “Faire quelque chose (C'est le faire, non?)”, described as “a formidable human puzzle between reality and fiction”, she explored the mode of choral fiction, which allows the individual narrative to slip into the collective narrative. Her next project, to be staged in September 2024 at Théâtre Varia (Brussels), is entitled "L'invisible n'est pas inexistant". Among other things, it will feature lamps powered by electricity generated by gravity alone...

Florence Minder's work proposes fiction as a place for thought, innovation, relationships and survival. For each and every one of us, she believes in the usefulness of knowing the difference between a desire, a necessity, a will, an addiction and a struggle. She encourages imaginative regimes that build a joyful future for the entire living community.


A show by Venedig Meer

Concept, writing and performance Florence Minder
Acting direction Julien Jaillot
Light design Yorrick Detroy
Typography Christine Paquet
Stage management Noemi Scantamburlo
Critical analysis exercice Manon Faure, Julien Jaillot, Florence Minder, Karen Köhler, Sophie Sénécaut and Valérianne Poidevin
Dutch translation Daphne Agten
Production Manon Faure – Venedig Meer


Production Venedig Meer
Promotion Bloom Project
A project co-produced by the Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles in 2011, at Festival XS, then in its long version in 2012.
It returns to Théâtre Varia in 2024 in a reloaded version.
In its original creation, Sébastien Monfè was the artistic collaborator in charge of the surtitles.

Elisa Lozano Raya was trainee director
The Dutch translation was done by Mike Sens.
The light design was created by Jacques Perera and Luc Loriaux was the stage manager.
The inner ear on the communication capsules was Brice Cannavo.

In the press

Whether or not this is an autobiographical show is of little importance in view of the insane sincerity at work here, blended with great doses of irony. English is both a tool for detachment and involvement. To address differently in order to address better, with flexibility, accuracy and a devastating sense of humor in the midst of these great dep

Marie Baudet in La Libre Belgique

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23:00 > 23:55

From July 18 to 21

Intra-Muros Route /

Show 23:00 > 23:55
From 14 years old

Tarif Plein : 20€
Tarif Off : 14€
Tarif Pro : 10€

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