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La PaC – La Parole au Centre

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Louise Emö

Wendy, a female and flawed public detective, searches for Wanda, a self-portrait of a generation of relational precariousness. Over Wendy’s voicemail messages and Wanda’s silence, come the women for whom the words are too big now or too small since.

It has to do with setting up a trivial tragedy with a few basic transmission tools: the microphone, the pen, the flow.


By and with Louise Emö
External looks Louise Dudek, Manon Roussillon
Lighting Clément Longueville


La ParoleAuCentre (La PAC)

Supports ODIA Normandie, CDN Normandie-Rouen, Le Préau CDN de Normandie – Vire, Festival Mythos – Rennes, Grand Parquet – Théâtre Paris-Villette, Dieppe Scène Nationale, Théâtre de l’Ancre – Charleroi

Your contacts in Avignon (pro only)

Solange Thomas
06 59 33 38 73 / solange.thomas@cppc.fr


19:30 > 20:30

06 > 24.07

(even days) Break on 12.07

Intra-Muros Route /

Full price: 18.5 €
Off rate: 13 €
Pro rate: 8 €

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