Collectif Krumple


Jo Even Bjørke, Oda Kirkebø Nyfløtt, Léna Rondé, David Tholander, Vincent Vernerie

The gentle sadness of things

DÉJÀ is inspired by the award-winning graphic novel Here by Richard McGuire.
It takes place in a single location, 20 square meters of a living room, but on a massive timeframe – reaching deep into the past (80 006 032 BCE) and projecting into the future (7 billion CE). Multiple characters from different times coexist and interact in this space, and create an accumulation of cocktail parties, arguing couples, geiger counters, a fire, a flooding, arrivals and farewells.

Through expressive movement, magical illusion, puppetry, and striking imagery, the Krumple seeks to create a living time-capsule of the current moment, everything that has led up to it, and project where humanity might be going. It questions our significance, or rather – our insignificance, faced with the passing of time.

It all happened here.

Company presentation

Founded in 2013, the Krumple is a french-norwegian collective that seeks to create visually arresting theatre without borders. The human is at the forefront of everything we do, each show walking a fine line between sensitivity and stupidity, as we strive to look through both ends of the telescope for what usually cannot be seen. All shows are devised collaboratively, and without anyone taking themselves (too) seriously. We often seek to laugh and to make others laugh, and to tell stories in a non linear fashion, with a leaning towards the poetic and the surreal.


Creative team

Written by the Krumple
With David Tholander, Léna Rondé, Oda Kirkebø Nyfløtt, Vincent Vernerie and Jo Even Bjørke, alternating with François Lecomte
Lighting design Claire Gondrexon
Sound design CS Sørensen
Outside eye Gwendolyn Warnock
Set design Caroline Ginet
Costumes Sylvie Berthou and Vilde Jensen Hjetland.
Choreographical assistance Catherine Béziex
Light technician Agathe Patonnier
Sound technician Cédric Colin


Production Collectif Krumple
Coproduction Nordland Visual Theatre
Supports Dramatikkens Hus, Arts Council Norway, Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Danish Arts Foundation, SPENN, Nordland Fylkeskommune, DRAC Pays de la Loire, l’Espace Périphérique, Studio-Théâtre de Stains, l’Institut Français, SPEDIDAM and la DRAC Pays de la Loire.


Diffusion Label Saison

In the press

Mixes dance, puppeteering, new-magic and acting into a silly but delightful mix of ambling theatrical play and razor-sharp precision.

Oppland Arbeidsblad

Young, vital, visual theatre. (...) The physical precision and presence is outstanding.

Norsk Shakespearetidskrift

DÉJÀ is an amazing theatrical experience unlike anything I have seen before. I was thrilled to see how thoughtfully and clearly it all unfolded. They have once again made it all look easy, seamlessly transforming the characters through space and time.

Richard McGuire

© Antero Hein and Raphael Solholm

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Gwénaëlle Leyssieux // Label Saison
06 78 00 32 58 / gwenaelle@labelsaison.com


12:00 > 14:05shuttle ride included

07 > 24.07

Breaks on 12 & 19.07

Château de Saint-Chamand Route /

Show 12:25 > 13:45
From 11 years old

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Tarif Off : 14€
Tarif Pro : 9€

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