David Lafore


David Lafore

David Lafore

David Lafore on stage, it’s a concert, it’s a show. Alone on stage, all acoustic, yet it seems that there are several of them! A singer, author, composer obviously, but, always present, ready to arise, there is also an actor, alternately tragic and burlesque. Because madness rubs shoulders with melancholy, madness blows hot and cold, sometimes simultaneously. It is therefore a hybrid form, a classic recital destructured by the present moment, the urgency to bring into existence everything that tends to exist in the shadow of the room, in the depth of silence.

Imagine a spiritual son of Desproges, with a pace of B. Keaton, able to make a room howl with laughter like turning it upside down.

© Julie Gasnier, Tim Bastian, Dominique Lila

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