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Arnaud Troalic and Chloé Giraud

A leading expert in artificial intelligence, André Toujours, is organising a conference in 2019 entitled ATTENTION
His goal: to find volunteers to stop the mental castration caused by the proliferation of audiovisual streams. 
As a spectator in 2023, take part in the re-enactment of this controversial conference…

In the space of 60 years, the first human activity after sleep has shifted from work to watching image streams.
ATTENTION takes as its starting point a text by Bernard Noël, “Le cerveau disponible”, about the power of domination of the audiovisual market and the logic of passivity that it generates.

Each of us has the freedom to close our eyes: this closure cannot be a solution, but it can teach us that we usually keep them open without realising that this is an act. – Bernard Noël

Company presentation

Anne-Sophie Pauchet and Arnaud Troalic have been alternating their creative projects, always in mutual collaboration and in a dynamic of exchange and confrontation of ideas since its creation in 2000, in Le Havre (Normandy).


Writing and directing Chloé Giraud et Arnaud Troalic
Freely inspired by the work of Bernard Noël
With Arnaud Troalic
Artistic collaboration Anne-Sophie Pauchet
General management et light creation Max Sautai
Sound engineer Olivier Valcarcel
Video director Pierre Agoutin
Decor construction David Amiard, Romain Renault et Joël Cornet


Production Compagnie Akté
Co-production Le Volcan – scène nationale du Havre, Le Tangram – scène nationale d’Evreux-Louviers, L’Échalier – Atelier de Fabrique Artistique (St-Agil)
Support and artistic residencies DSN – Dieppe Scène Nationale, Le Passage – scène conventionnée de Fécamp, Théâtre Paul Eluard – scène conventionnée de Bezons, Les Salins – scène nationale de Martigues, L’Etincelle – Rouen, Théâtre des Bains-Douches – Le Havre, le CENTQUATRE-PARIS, La Halle ô Grains – Bayeux avec l’aide du PACS (Projet artistique, culturel et Solidaire) par les réseaux Diagonale et des théâtres de ville de Normandie soutenu par le ministère de la Culture-DRAC Normandie et la région Normandie.
With the support of ODIA Normandie

The Akté company is subsidised for its entire artistic project by the State/Ministry of Culture/Direction régionale des affaires culturelles de Normandie, the Normandy Region and the City of Le Havre

In the press

Arnaud Troalic plays with the illusion of not playing and disrupts the relationship between the stage and the audience. At the border between theater and documentary, reality and fiction, ATTENTION asks the questions of a connected society and the digestion of the daily ration of images.

Relikto, mars 2023

© Frédéric Grimaud

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