Algérie, quand les ultras révolutionnent

Sabri Benalycherif

Algérie, quand les ultras révolutionnent

Since the beginnings of this unprecedented popular movement which invades the Algerian street, the Ultras (supporters of football clubs) have been at the forefront of this protest. Used to shouting their rage in the stadiums and chanting slogans against “malvie” and “hogra”, these rebellious youth have decided to occupy the streets and have helped to untie their tongues. Since February 2019, we have been witnessing a peaceful osmosis between the Ultras of different clubs and the Algerian street.

The most chanted songs in the Algerian street were born in the stadiums.

Sabri Benalycherif

Sabri Benalycherif is an Algerian photographer based between Algiers and Lisbon.



06 > 25.07

Patinoire Route /

Free entrance

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