IETM Multi-location 2020

October meetings (October 1 and 2, 2020 in Saint Chamand)

The IETM – International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts is a network of over 500 organizations and individual members from all over the world who work in the contemporary performing arts sector: theater, dance, circus, living art forms interdisciplinary, new media. The network is made up of festivals, companies, producers, theaters, research and resource centers, universities, and institutional bodies.

For this exceptional plenary, the French members of the IETM have chosen to meet in Avignon at La Manufacture, on the Saint Chamand site. Mythical and emblematic city of European and world theater, Avignon, which had to cancel its prestigious festival this year (for the second time in its 75-year history), seemed to us the ideal place to tackle the theme of these days: ” What Matters Now? “. In partnership with the Théâtre de la Massue, La Manufacture, the city of Avignon and the South Region, the emphasis was placed on finding avenues for the reconstruction of international exchanges in terms of networks, productions and broadcasts. Faithful to the spirit of the IETM, these days were laborious, participatory and festive, resilient despite the health crisis. They were concomitant with the “Etats Généraux des Festivals” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

These moments allowed an international exchange on the situation of the crisis, artists and places by videoconference with the following cities:
Aarhus, Avignon, Barcelona, ​​Belgrade, Berlin, Budapest, Buzău, Hong Kong, Dublin, Istanbul, Leeds, Ljubljana, Melbourne, Milan, Montreal, Munich, Prague, Riga, Edinburgh, Sydney, Utrecht, Erevan, Yokohama, Zagreb.

IETM july 2021

Preparation of the ITETM plenary in Lyon

A meeting is planned during the Festival in July 2021 at La Manufacture in preparation for the IETM plenary scheduled in France in Lyon in the fall. More information on the website of La Manufacture and the IETM in May 2021.