Trois contes et quelques

groupe Merci

Trois contes et quelques

Emmanuel Adely

From princes in white outfits to magic mirrors, not to mention balls ending at midnight, poisoned apples, latches and locks allegedly opening doors, whistling dwarfs, and brandless glass shoes, We, grown-ups, have been rehashing this poppycock for centuries, made hostages by the children who won’t ever get to sleep. “Trois Contes et quelques” (Three Tales or So) now enables us to hear these stories without them, slamming the door in the faces of those under 12 to deny them access, so there!

Once upon a time, but once only, or several times, or it’s all the time, all the time, it recurs

Company presentation

Groupe Merci was founded in 1996 in Toulouse. The company built up a fruitful adventure that has given birth to thirty “Nocturnal Objects;” so many tiny islands offering the possibility to venture into a theater of the unrest, a theater of the irony. Groupe Merci is infatuated with contemporary writings as well as plastic installations, and showed several creations at the Official Festival d’Avignon, among which “La Mastication des morts” (The Chewing of the Dead) in 2022 at the Chartreuse. In 2021, the Manufacture hosted “Programme” and presents “Trois Contes et quelques” in 2024.

Emmanuel Adely - Author

Emmanuel Adely is a French writer. His novels explore the fundamentally fictional dimension of reality, and won fame for their iconic “stream of writing.” Often released all at once, it even gets rid of any punctuation mark whatsoever sometimes. Adely’s works belong in the catalogues of several publishers, feature in journals, and sprout in performances. They’re plastic, political, sonorous, and off-the-wall.


Text Emmanuel Adely
Stage direction & design Joël Fesel
With Georges Campagnac, Pierre-Jean Etienne and Raphaël Sevet
Artistic collaboration Pierre Déaux and Bastien Passeron
Set design Alexandre Bügel
Stage management Raphaël Sevet
Production & distribution Céline Maufra


Production Groupe Merci
Coproduction Pronomade(s), Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de L’Espace Public, Encausse-les-Thermes
Support Compagnie 111 – Aurélien Bory / Ancien Théâtre de la Digue

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Céline Maufra
06 76 04 73 54 /


10:30 > 11:45

From July 04 to July 21

Breaks on 10 & 17

Musée Angladon Route /

PG 12

Tarif Plein : 20€ 
Tarif Off : 14€ 
Tarif Pro : 10€

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