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Mina Kavani

Because she dreamed of a theater and a cinema far from dictatorship and censorship, Mina Kavani had to leave her country, Iran, and like a whole generation of artists, she dreamed of elsewhere. Exiled for eight years, after her participation as the first female role in the committed film Red Rose by Sepideh Farsi, she now dreams of Tehran. I’m Deranged tells the story of pain and suspended life, the path of a woman through dictatorship and exile. Carried by the music of Siavash Amini, who is forbidden to leave the Iranian territory, Mina Kavani takes us into her heart and head. A fate that he and she share with many Iranian artists, exiled inside or outside their country.


A poignant story about the feeling of exile, a cry for freedom.

Company presentation

Company born in Nantes in 1998 under the impulse of Hervé Guilloteau, actor-director-author, Grosse Théâtre has been creating and producing theater shows for 25 years.
All these years are synonymous of crossings between various artists. Sometimes ephemeral experiences, often lasting meetings and partnerships.
Since 2015, the structure has accompanied young directors in the creation of their first shows. After Clément Pascaud, Marine de Missolz and Tanguy M.Bordage, Grosse Théâtre supports Mina Kavani in the production and development of her first creation I'M DERANGED.

Mina Kavani

Mina Kavani was born in Tehran into a family of artists. She is the niece of Ali Raffi, an Iranian director. At the age of 16, she started acting under his direction and that of important Iranian directors. At 22 she moved to Paris and entered the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique in the class of Jean-Damien Barbin.
In 2015, she played the lead role of Sara in the committed film Red Rose by Iranian filmmaker Sepideh Farsi. Appearing naked in the film, she is the target of virulent attacks in the Iranian press and qualified as "1st pornographic actress", which will lead to her exile. Since then she continues her acting career in France.

In the theater, Mina Kavani has worked with Barbara Hutt (Malina by Ingeborg Bachmann), Blandine Savetier (Neige based on the novel by Orhan Pamuk), Lazarus (Lazarus Station), Alexandra Lacroix (Perseus), Gurshad Shahman (The Fortresses). She also presented at the Odeon a recital of a major contemporary Iranian poetess Forough Farrokhzad. She participated in workshops under the direction of, among others, Falk Richter (TNS) and Krystian Lupa, whom she then met again for a new joint work.

In the cinema, she played in the film Sous Transe by Camellia Montassere, White Burqa by Swiss director Gaël Metroz. She plays the main role in the film Des Hortensias en hiver by Hélène Rastegar and one of the main roles in La fille et le garçon by Jean-Marie Besset. She is the voice of the main role in the animation The Mermaid by Sepideh Farsi, selected at the Berlin Festival 2023 (Berlinale).

In 2022 she acted in the last film No Bears by the great Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, imprisoned since July 2022 and recently released. His film received the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival 2022.
This year she will star in the film of director Eran Riklis alongside Golshifteh Farahani, another exiled Iranian actress.

Mina Kavani creates in 2022 her first show I'M DERANGED, which she writes, directs and performs. A show born from a need to tell and share her dream of elsewhere, far from dictatorship and censorship.


A monologue written, directed and performed by Mina Kavani
Music composition Siavash Amini
Set design Clémence Kazémi
Lighting design Marco Giusti
Sound artist-sound Cinna Peyghamy
Artistic collaborator Maksym Teteruk
Administration-production Christelle Guillotin

Thank you to Jean-Damien Barbin, my teacher at the CNSAD in Paris, my eternal master who taught me so much during all these years of exile and who supported and helped me so much in this project. Warm thanks to Barbara Hutt. I dedicate this show to my mother who supported me so much all these years, who knew how to accept and support that I was far from her, to live my passion of art. – Mina Kavani



Production Grosse Théâtre
Coproduction Le Manège Maubeuge, Scène nationale transfrontalière I TU-Nantes scène jeune création I Grosse Théâtre
Residency grants Montévideo-Marseille I Le Manège Maubeuge scène nationale I TU-Nantes scène jeune création
With the support of the Conseil Régional des Pays de la Loire
Accompaniment Prémisses, an artistic production office for young creation, will also accompany Mina Kavani from autumn 2023 and will host her show I’m deranged at L’Athénéé Théâtre in Salle Christian Bérard for 10 performances from October 12 to 22, 2023.

In the press

With rage, salvific fury, the actress radiates the stage with an inner fire made of anger, wounds and immeasurable love for her land. Resonating with the burning news of Iran where a revolt is rumbling, I'm deranged is a cry in the night of a woman in search of light and a crazy hope. Incandescent and necessary !

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