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Le Raz de Marée

Du 5 au 25 July
De 19h20 à 20h40

Saint Chamand castle

Présentation du spectacle Le Raz de Marée

LE RAZ DE MAREE is set at the sea. There is a house by the sea. Here lives an amorous couple, a man and a woman. They have nicely appointed their lives: a beautiful setting, time together, time for themselves. But, one morning, bodies have washed up on the beach, a few adults first, then a child. He does what he can to continue his life as undisturbedly as possible. She becomes increasingly affected by what happened. While the loving couple used to be so good at being together in silence, their silence has now become an abyss of incomprehension.

Présentation du metteur en scène Collective work

The staging is the fruit of the collaboration between Clara van den Broek, Paul Verrept, Eric Engels and SKaGeN. SKaGeN is a Antwerp based theatre collective that has been producing highly successful plays in Flanders and the world since 2000, both on the art circuit and the more public-oriented festival circuit. The SKaGeN productions toured international in more than 20 countries worldwide.


"An intense trip through the heart and conscience of a woman. Verrept has the washed up bodies slowly drive a wedge between the two occupants of the white house by the sea. The once so perfect, quiet, tender love bends, cracks and breaks. Van den Broek demonstrates that especially with a frown, an intonation, a motion while she talks about the actions that arrise from that bending, cracking and breaking. [...] You empathize. You recognize the will to do something for the stranded people, but also the inability (or unwillingness) to actually do so. [...] LE RAZ DE MAREE muses about how we deal with the flood of emotions, people and images in this Europe, without wanting to be do-gooders. Paul Verrept sought and found words that are pregnant with intimacy and passion, but also falter from helplessness. His text carries LE RAZ DE MAREE and has Van den Broek excel in intimacy and sobriety."Els Van Steenberghe - Knack - 02/02/2017

"A drama about refugees: it’s increasingly present on our stages. But what do we really know about them? Paul Verrept is turning the logic around. He has written a beautiful text about the impact of stranded asylum seekers on a western couple. Clara van den Broek plays the female voice in this silent but very precise monologue. [...] LE RAZ DE MAREE is spoken poetry rather than expressive theatre. But this silence is also the force. It’s pretty clever how Verrept - with a few well-chosen metaphors - links a broken love to the sinking of the refugees. So the woman says: “Our boat is sinking. You fall overboard. And I end up in the water myself.” Grabbing you by the throat."Filip Tielens - De Standaard - 28/02/2017

Du 5 au 25 July
De 19h20 à 20h40

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14€ - Tarif off
9€ - Tarif pro
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Collective work
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With: Clara van den Broek, Hera Hammenecker/Aurelie Weisbrich (child) / Text: Paul Verrept – French version: Monique Nagielkopf / Costumes: Barbara De Laere / Light, sound & video: Eric Engels / Choreography: Randi De Vlieghe / General Manager: Korneel Hamers / Production: Cie. SKaGeN, supported by Villanella & DEStudio (Antwerp), The Flemish Community and Flanders Literature


Cie. SKaGeN
Contact ​Avignon (pro uniquement)
Korneel Hamers, General Manager
+32 485 63 08 74


Saint Chamand castle
Accessible uniquement en navette
(départ 2 rue des écoles), France
carte des lieux de la Manufacture 2018