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Histoire de l’imposture

Spectacle internationnal

Du 5 au 14 July
De 17h40 à 18h55

Rest on 11th juillet

Saint Chamand castle

Five eccentric figures overexpose themselves in a deployment of attitudes borrowed from social conventions and from our intimate frenzy until they break into a high-spirited dance that finally allows them to let their masks fall.

Présentation du spectacle Histoire de l’imposture

Everything is navigated under false pavilions, as Kafka said, and the "characters" in the performance are the first to testify to this…
By ironizing the artifice of social postures and the conformist norms that shape and lead us into borrowed personalities.
The performance also evokes the feeling of not being one with one’s intentions and desires, of not embodying one’s own self, to never find one's place in the world…
How to escape it ? Perhaps by letting oneself be possessed by the kind of savage energy which takes everything.

Présentation du chorégraphe Nicole Mossoux et Patrick Bonté

The materials that Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté manipulate, diffract and meddle with, all have a worryingly strange quality about them. She is a dancer and choreographer, he is a director and playwright. The tandem has been creating universes that defy borders. The projects they lead alternately are nourished by the plastic arts and embrace the unexplored, the sensibility and the unconscious.


"The luxury of a Broadway show of dreamy and poetic proportions… I will surely be the only one to risk such a comparison. This poisonous jewel portrays the nude beings of a terrestrial paradise, anonymous, beautiful and lost in the shadows of limbs, searching their way toward civilisation and its accoutrements, to sounds that stream from our collective musical memory like a myriad of small explosions. The sound of cities is heard from a distance as if coming to us from a garden next door. It is here alone that the form is the subject matter. Social dancing, the dance of side-kicks, men as centaurs, feminine dervishes, women who suddenly break into a can-can and in their rage dare to assume their real nature. From false seriousness to mechanical smiles, a cavalcade of attitudes is borrowed from a world of codes taken from courtly tradition and modern day television and unfolds in a progressive symphony of intentional trip-ups. The choreographic vocabulary of Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté has matured since the much loved Simonetta Vespucci. Freed from all traces of anecdote, it is in perpetual movement, as if you were to see rather than hear Pachelbel’s Canon. The fluidity is remarkable, a continuous harmony of gestures that integrates grace and its opposite. A Botticellian performance, Tiepolesque, that beautifully and cleverly depicts imposture."Jo Dekmine, Founder of the theater 140, Brussels

Vidéo du spectacle


Photos du spectacle

©Thibault Grégoire

Du 5 au 14 July
De 17h40 à 18h55

Prix :
20.50€ - Tarif plein
14€ - Tarif off
9€ - Tarif pro
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À partir de 16 ans.
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Concept Patrick Bonté
Direction and choreography
Patrick Bonté in collaboration with Nicole Mossoux
With Sébastien Jacobs,
Leslie Mannès, Frauke Mariën, Maxence Rey, Marco Torrice
Music Thomas Turine
Set Didier Payen
Costumes Colette Huchard, assisted by Patty Eggerickx
Light Patrick Bonté
Direction assistant Céline Ohrel
Stage manager Jean-Jacques Deneumoustier

Production Mossoux-Bonté Company, in coproduction with La Rose des Vents - Scène nationale Lille Métropole, Villeneuve d’Ascq (France), Charleroi Danse - Centre chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (Belgium) and Théâtre Paul Eluard - Scène conventionnée, Bezons (France). With the support of Théâtre Varia, Brussels, Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles, dance department and Wallonie-Bruxelles International.


Company Mossoux-Bonté
Contact ​Avignon (pro uniquement)
Thérèse Coriou
+32 (0)497 07 05 72
chargée de diffusion et de communication
Manon Dumonceaux
+32 (0)474 07 58 62


Saint Chamand castle
Accessible uniquement en navette
(départ 2 rue des écoles), France
carte des lieux de la Manufacture 2018