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Every Brilliant Things

Du 5 au 25 July
De 8h00 à 17h00

Relâches les 11 et 18 juillet

Intramuros room

« The list begun just after his first attempt. The list of every brilliant things existing in the world. 1. Ice Cream. 2. Water Fights. 3. Stayng awake and watching TV. 4. Yellow colour. 5 Striped items. 6. Rollercoasters. 7. When people falls on the ground.”

Présentation du spectacle Every Brilliant Things

Every Brilliant Things, from Duncan Macmillan is a text as light hearted as serious: the suicide, without complaisance. In this text, we follow someone’s experience facing bereavement through a simple and playful exchange with the public. Behind this barren spell, the play ask about the death and life relationship, always with the sense of humour. Strongly influenced by the stand-up shows, the play develops a great complicity with its audience, which cannot be categorized: a play between happy requiem and mischievous role play.

Présentation de l'auteur Duncan Macmillan

Duncan Macmillan is an english writer and stage director. Particularly working with Paines Plough and the Royal Theatre Exchange, Macmillan’s plays are performed in the National Theatre of London, at Playhouse Theatre, in Barrow Street Theatre of New York, and at Schaubühne in Berlin. His has been awarded several times : the Best New Play at the Off West Awards, Big Ambition Award, and Old Vic.

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Du 5 au 25 July
De 8h00 à 17h00

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À partir de 12 ans.
Metteur en scène :
Arnaud Anckaert
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With : Didier Cousin
Staging : Arnaud Anckaert
Stage Management : Agathe Mercier


Intramuros room
2 rue des écoles
Avignon, 84000 France