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There’s not much that revolts me at the moment

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5 to 24 July
15h35 à 17h05

Respite on 11, 18, Including shuttle time

La Patinoire (the Rink)

« Who are you speaking to ? - You. - But I’m not there, I went out two minutes ago with Nicholas ! I’m backstage now. »

About There’s not much that revolts me at the moment

Nicholas is reunited with his two brothers Huges and Leo after mysteriously disappearing for fifteen years…
The Clinic Orgasm Society [Bruxelles, BE] and the Théâtre à cru [Tours, FR], two remarkable theatre companies, are collaborating on a story based on true events for the first time. They have weaved a frenzied tale in a single setting where what is false is truer (and more beautiful) than the truth.
A placebo performance ; a deep dive into the "sub-realism" ; a motionless road movie in which animals are (oddly) absent…

The author Clinic Orgasm Society & Théâtre à cru

We continue for Us, to reduce the gaps, to be together, ... between naivety and perserverance.
Théâtre à cru

Since 2001, the Clinic Orgasm Society has been cultivating a hybrid, trangressive, multifaceted style of theatre which can seem messy at times. Their approach to staging is raw, playful, experimental, popular and festive.


"… like « Friends », but with an undertone of Cronenberg. A very disconcerting yet joyful theatre experience. Hilarious, absurd, existential and sometimes disturbing. (...) Expressing emotions and absurdity with ease, the three excellent actors manage to create and establish a hybrid language that is familiar and dreamy - its challenges and evocative power easily perceived by the spectator."Delphine Coutier - La nouvelle république - 22/02/2018

"Rare is the performance which, even for several days after, continues to make you question what you have seen, understood or perceived without undermining the pleasure derived from watching it."Laurent Roudillon - Wanderer - 27/02/2018

A play that needs to be enjoyed as an experience more than as a performance. The two companies, Théâtre à cru et Clinic Orgasm Society, play to a packed house every night in this wild and fantastic play contained within a single setting.Maelig Feron - Le Suricate - 28/01/2018


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©COS-TAC (Le Lac d'Annecy ©Maarten Vanden Abeele), ©Alice Piemme

5 to 24 July
15h35 à 17h05

20.50€ - Full price
14€ - Off price
9€ - Pro price
Spectacle Category:
From 15 years old.
Casting :

Cast : Alexis Armengol, Ludovic Barth, Mathylde Demarez
Sound: Benjamin Dandoy
Lighting: Rémi Cassabé
Set : Didier Rodot
Special effects: Rebecca Flores
Sound mixing : Alexandre Hulak, Alice Spenle
Light manager : Tom Van Antro
Many thanks to Caroline Guielo Nguyen for taking part in the lie


Clinic Orgasm Society (BE) & Théâtre à cru (FR)
Tour :

May 21-25, 2019 Comédie de Valence (France) - Festival AmbiValence(s)

Avignon Contact (pro only) :
Julie Blanchemanche
+33 6 71 41 72 19


La Patinoire (the Rink)
Accessible uniquement en navette
(départ 2 rue des écoles), France
carte des lieux de la Manufacture 2018