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The Scar

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5 to 25 July
15h20 à 16h20

Respite on 11, 18,

Intramuros Theater

"I had never been the subject of so much attention! From this moment on, all animosity was focused on me.” Bruce Lowery

About The Scar

Halfway between stand-up and act of contrition, this solo performance summons all our monsters from the past.

At age 13, Jeff suffered from a little cleft lip which everyone nicknamed the scar, a disability which caused him to be the victim of all sorts of mocking. Because he wasn’t able to defend himself, he held in the pain and the never-ending moral wounds.

The author Bruce Lowery

Born in 1931 in Reno, Nevada, he was a great traveler, and was perfectly bilingual. He studied in the USA before heading to France, where he majored in the arts and journalism. He chose to write in French and then translate his works into English. The Scar, his first novel, was honored with the Award for Universality of the French Language (Rivarol Prize) in 1961. Bruce Lowery also produced other works such as Porcupine, The Werewolf and Revenges. He died in 1988.

The director Vincent Menjou-Cortès

Vincent Menjou-Cortès trained at the CNSAD. He created Salut Martine and directed Tout Le Monde Veut Vivre by H. Lévin, Bérénice Suite et Fin by Racine and Corneille, and will stage in the near future The Injustice of Dreams, based on Seneca. As an actor, he has worked with Woody Allen, Marc Gibaja, Alexandre Lança, Gérôme Barry… He joined the cast of Eric Rochant’s “Bureau des Légendes".


"Vincent Menjou-Cortès has succeeded in finding a very simple, both direct and artificial, style which perfectly suits this horrible story. One fascinating and painful hour. If you you are not familiar with this horrible story, it’s better not to unveil anything… If you do know it, you will still be deeply moved by the ‘violentless’ strength of Vincent Menjou-Cortès’ performance." Armelle Héliot - Le Figaro

"In order to adapt Bruce Lowery’s novel to the stage, actor/director Vincent Menjou-Cortès chose a strange mix between stand-up comedy and theatrical monologue. This choice, which can perplex you early on, proves extremely relevant. The effects of stand-up comedy remind us that laughter comes from cruelty. The actor’s performance is very straight and true, without ever straying from its path. You just can’t avoid the story he’s telling." Théâtrorama - Romain Blanchard

"Vincent Menjou-Cortès, actor and director, invites us to a very demanding show, one where the audience must listen fully, as it is called upon as a witness. Such radicalness seems much too rare on stage these days and it must be honored." Le Coryphée - Julia Bianchi

"All disfigured characters claim it, from Gwynplaine to Elephant Man: we are incapable of seeing the eyes and soul of those whose face is distorted. Bruce Lowery’s character could very well be these unhappy heroes’ little brother. Vincent Menjou-Cortès gives life to these painful confessions and tales of the humiliations undergone by Jeff, 13, who must face stupidity and meanness, both of which contort the faces of those who mock his."La Terrasse - Catherine Robert


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5 to 25 July
15h20 à 16h20

18.50€ - Full price
13€ - Off price
8€ - Pro price
Spectacle Category:
From 12 years old.
Director :
Vincent Menjou-Cortès
Casting :

Performed by Vincent Menjou-Cortès
Adapted by Guillaume Elmassian, Vincent Menjou-Cortès
Artistic Collaboration by Timothée Lerolle
Scenography by Fanny Laplane
Lighting by Hugo Hamman
Avignon stage management by Juliette Romens

With the help of Tréteaux de France – CDN for artistic residency, Scène Nationale du Sud Aquitain, Conseil Départemental des Pyrénées Atlantiques , Conseil Régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the city of Bayonne.


Salut Martine
Avignon Contact (pro only) :
Adeline Bodin


Intramuros Theater
2 rue des écoles
Avignon, 84000 France
carte des lieux de la Manufacture 2018