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5 to 25 July
11h55 à 13h15

Respite on 11, 18,

Intramuros Theater

About Séisme

Lungs is the story of H and F, a couple we follow through a conversation, or more precisely several conversations concerning the idea of having a baby in a world where natural disasters, familial neurosis and the multiplicity of models become pressure and fear facing the future. The writing explains the story of a couple in a simple language through ellipsis, challenging the audience. Duncan Macmillan enquire with his text the concept of commitment and responsibilities with humour and sensibility.

The author Duncan Macmillan

Duncan Macmillan is an english writer and stage director. Particularly working with Paines Plough and the Royal Theatre Exchange, Macmillan’s plays are performed in the National Theatre of London, at Playhouse Theatre, in Barrow Street Theatre of New York, and at Schaubühne in Berlin. His has been awarded several times : the Best New Play at the Off West Awards, Big Ambition Award, and Old Vic.


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©Bruno Dewaele, Charles Desoubry

5 to 25 July
11h55 à 13h15

18.50€ - Full price
13€ - Off price
8€ - Pro price
Spectacle Category:
From 14 years old.
Director :
Arnaud Anckaert
Casting :

With: Shams El Karoui et Maxime Guyon
Scenography: Arnaud Anckaert en collaboration avec Olivier Floury
Music: Maxence Vandevelde
Construction: Alex Herman


Compagnie Théâtre du prisme, Arnaud Anckaert & Capucine Lange
Tour :

-From 07 to 10/10 : 2 shows : L’Etincelle, Théâtre de Rouen
-07/11 : 1 show : L’Hectare, Scène Conventionnée de Vendôme
-07/02/20 : 1 show : La Canopée, Ruffec
-05 & 06/03 : 2 shows : Centre Culturel André Malraux, Hazebrouck
-17/03 : 1 show : Le Nouveau Relax, Scène Convientionnée de Chaumont
-19 & 20/03 : 2 shows : La Méridienne, Scène Conventionnée de Lunéville

Avignon Contact (pro only) :
Matthias Bailleux
06 86 51 00 41
Chargé de diffusion
Camille Bard
06 20 78 38 19
Contact Presse
ZEF Bureau / Isabelle Muraour
06 18 46 67 37


Intramuros Theater
2 rue des écoles
Avignon, 84000 France
carte des lieux de la Manufacture 2018