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Lola Bonfanti Solo

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5 to 12 July
23h00 à 0h00

Respite on 11,

Intramuros Theater

About Lola Bonfanti Solo

Alone. Voice and double bass. Cherished songs. Whether they are derived from the classic, jazz or traditional repertoire, from her own compositions or words, she will make their borders disappear through an acoustic simplicity focused on the vocal interpretation, carrying out elegance. Being the fruit of fusion, it’s the story about her own mixity linked to her musical path that will be the common thread to these different musical works resonating as the unity of the diverse roots we all come from. The solo, turns into a duo, magnified by the creativity of sound engineer Christine Verschorren.

The author Lola Bonfanti

Brussels based singer and word-lover, she likes working with the bounding links between sound and sense. Centered on live performance, she mainly works on her "Solo" project and her band "Cobalt" (as a singer-songwriter) and collaborates with mathematician Stéphane Dugowson on a music-mathematical creation (Paris,2020). Impasse aux Souliers Productions incorporates her different projects.


"Lola Bonfanti a fait l'unanimité. On a eu l’occasion de l’entendre chanter à deux reprises, si sa voix et sa contrebasse ont fait l’unanimité dans l’église, elle a ensuite accompagné son groupe Cobalt pour un concert plus pop rock, en plein air cette fois." - L'Avenir - 27/08/2018

"Hier staat een Zangeres met grote Z. Het is, als de wereld een beetje rechtvaardig in elkaar zit, een kwestie van tijd eer deze heerlijke dichteres/zangeres/muzikante ook aan onze kant van de taalgrens opgemerkt wordt." Dani Heyvaert - Rootstime - 01/05/2019

"She got the voice, the enchanting stage presence and the songs." Ipapancheva - My Private Brussels - 04/10/2014

"(...) La douce voix de Lola, comme un chant des sirènes, envoûte et enveloppe subtilement. " Éric Barbier - L'Est Républicain - 05/12/2014

" Un instant envoûtant! Lola, une jeune femme qui se prépare à une grande carrière brillante. " Roger Simons - Les Feux de la Rampe - 09/10/2015

"Quand on a tant de dons, le vrai talent est de trouver son chemin, Lola Bonfanti est sur la bonne voie." Sophie Schneider - Bazar Magazine - 02/06/2014


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5 to 12 July
23h00 à 0h00

18.50€ - Full price
13€ - Off price
8€ - Pro price
Spectacle Category:
From 5 years old.
Casting :

Lola Bonfanti, voice and double bass
Christine Verschorren, sound


Intramuros Theater
2 rue des écoles
Avignon, 84000 France


Impasse aux Souliers productions
Tour :

Solo : 15th July, on 7 pm / Festivoce / Centre culturel Voce / Pigna / 20220 Corsica. (france)

For more infos, check our website : www.lolabonfanti.com

Avignon Contact (pro only) :
Lola Bonfanti