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Désormais si proches

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15 to 17 July
19h15 à 20h15

Outside the walls

About Désormais si proches

Tram drivers who dance with teenagers from Saint-Chamand district, football players dressed in the costumes of the Opera, a designer who sings his neighborhood: the choreographer Julie Desprairies stages the tram route in Avignon. "Désormais si proches" (Now so close) is the work in progress of a choreographic project in situ around the upcoming tram. A new urban connection, intra, extramural, questioned by its actors.

The choreographer julie Desprairies

For 20 years, Julie Desprairies has been creating in situ projects for architecture, city and landscape.
Based on the history and uses of buildings and neighborhoods, she involves inhabitants and users of spaces and stages them. She aims to "reveal the movement of places".

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©Julie Charrier, Julie Desprairies

15 to 17 July
19h15 à 20h15

Free entrance
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Choregrapher :
julie Desprairies
Casting :

Inhabitants and associative activists of the Saint-Chamand district, staff of the TCRA and the Avignon-Provence Regional Orchestra, Elise Ladoué
Scenography, costumes Melina Faka, in partnership with the costumes fund of the Opera Grand Avignon

Producer: Julie Charrier La Manufacture / collective contemporain, CPPC, in partnership with the Opera Grand Avignon, the Avignon-Provence Regional Orchestra and the TCRA, with the support of the City Contract, Anru, Mistral habitat, Grand Delta Habitat. Co-production: Compagnie des Prairies

La Compagnie des prairies is supported by the Ministry of Culture - DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes as a support to the structuring of dance companies. Julie Desprairies is associate artist at the Théâtre Brétigny, Scène conventionnée art and creation. Administration, production and distribution La Magnanerie


Outside the walls
Avignon, 84000 France


Compagnie Des Prairies
Avignon Contact (pro only) :
Julie Charrier
06 13 20 83 06