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Cherchez la faute !

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8 to 24 July
10h45 à 12h45

Respite on 11, 18, Including shuttle time

Saint Chamand castle

"Since the god in question here has conceived of this garden of Eden for the benefit of the human being, who will inherit it and will have to make it fruitful, why have this dangerous, deadly tree been placed there for those who eat ? It looks like a poisoned gift ... I do not know, but if I give my children a home, I do not have a bomb in the middle of the living room !" Marie Balmary

About Cherchez la faute !

Read or not read, everyone knows the story: despite the express recommendation of the divine gardener, Adam and Eve dare to eat the forbidden tree! Driven from the earthly paradise, they are condemned for centuries and centuries to pain, hard work and death ... In a few pages, everything is said about what is the foundation of our good and old Judeo-Christian civilization ... Amen?
And if we reopen the annals of this first trial of humanity? What were our ancestors guilty of? What is really their fault? Are there mobiles?

The author Marie Balmary

Marie Balmary is a psychoanalyst. What fascinates her in listening to her patients, she tries to find him listening to these texts from the most distant of our humanity. Here as there, expresses the great human anguish, the great questions that poses to everyone the experience of life, death, love, suffering, filiation, relationship, etc. . These texts of spirituality and questioning also tell in their own way the delicate and difficult emergence of a free and sovereign Subject. For, on the paths of analysis as throughout the Biblical journeys, it is never a question here of initiation and liberation: how do we pass from the status of "creature" to that of subject, capable of to express a free and sovereign "I" in relation to other equally free and sovereign subjects?

The director François Rancillac

F. Rancillac has staged as many authors of the past (Racine, Corneille, Giraudoux, Giono ...) as contemporaries (JL Lagarce, JF Caron, H. Levin, G. Granouillet, R. Lindberg, L. Depauw, M Navarro ...). He directed the Comédie de St-Etienne then the Théâtre de l'Aquarium and will continue in cie ("Theater on words") the adventure of "Cherchez la faute !" and will create Hermann from G Granouillet.


This show as informative as interactive is a constant pleasure of intelligence! - L'Humanité

With what you know or not, with your convictions and even your a priori, run see "Cherchez la faute !". It is a real moment of theater, of a rare intelligence, sometimes funny, always deep, just too brief! But the ensuing discussion with the public is still theater : sharing life. - La Vie

Allergic to religious as believers of all faiths will be embarked on this treasure trove instructive and so stimulating for mind. At the time of the return of dogmatism, this show is pure oxygen! - Les Echos

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8 to 24 July
10h45 à 12h45

20.50€ - Full price
14€ - Off price
9€ - Pro price
Spectacle Category:
From 16 years old.
Director :
François Rancillac
Casting :

with Danielle Chinsky, Daniel Kenigsberg, Frédéric Révérend, François Rancillac


Théâtre sur Paroles
Avignon Contact (pro only) :
Véronique Felenbok
+33 6 61 78 24 16
Chargée de diffusion
Marie Leroy
06 50 44 59 24


Saint Chamand castle
Accessible uniquement en navette
(départ 2 rue des écoles), France
carte des lieux de la Manufacture 2018