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40° SOUS ZÉRO (The homosexual or The difficulty to express oneself + The four twins)

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5 to 25 July
21h35 à 23h50

Respite on 11, 18, Including shuttle time

La Patinoire (the Rink)

"Do you want me to tell you how I changed gender?" Copi.

About 40° SOUS ZÉRO (The homosexual or The difficulty to express oneself + The four twins)

Following « Le Chien, la Nuit et le Couteau » (Manufacture 2017) the Munstrum Théâtre presents a new creation. These two freezing plays put up the fratricidal struggles of cruel and extravagant characters on the fringe of society and humankind.
Here, it’s sex-change galore and you snuff it to get a better rebirth, in a post-apocalyptical ballet, trash and exhilarating. Through a cheerful and devastating trance, the Munstrum celebrates a theatre mixing disaster and laughter, a theatre about the end of the impossible, a theatre where revolution might happen at last.

The director Louis Arene

Louis Arene is actor, stage director et painter. Following the « Conservatoire National » school, he became actor at the « Comédie-Française » (2012-2016) where he played and directed. In 2012, he founded the « Munstrum Theatre » along with Lionel Lingelser, company associated with la “Scène Nationale de Mulhouse”. Their former creation is M. von Mayenburg’s "Le Chien, La Nuit et le Couteau".


"Le Munstrum Théâtre has set the play on a futuristic planet where you meet the drag-queens dear to Copi, and his theatre has lost nothing of his flavour in Louis Arene’s directing."Stéphane Capron - France Inter - 07/03/2019

"Louis Arene, Lionel Lingelser, Sophie Botte, Delphine Cottu, Olivia Dalric, Alexandre Éthève et François Praud are quite simply remarquable. Whether they sing revisited « classics » from Radiohead or Michel Berger, whether they die and come back to life in a sort of never-ending trance, whether they slice themselves on the kitchen table, whether they discourse upon copulation or recall their love dreams, they display such a magnetic force that you can’t take your eyes off them one second, and the unavoidable parting in the end is heartbreaking."Gérald Rossi - L'Humanité - 25/03/2019

"Madness ! Excess ! Talent ! To put up Copi on stage today is a tough gamble, challenged here by the aptly named Munstrum Theatre with a stunning maestria and every moment exultation. A successful outcome!"Agnès Santi - La Terrasse - 27/03/2019

"The whole builds up a show completely bonkers, out of time. The actors, all remarquable and unrecognizable under their second skin, portray wonderfully these characters disoriented by the world’s cruelty."Stéphane Capron - Sceneweb - 07/03/2019

"Grand irreverence. We witness, with an admiration not experienced for ages, the perfect interlocking between text and directing, since the dark blazing dynamite of Copi’s mind on well thinking finds its grand finale, its soul disclosure, in the burlesque of others : the disturbing “Munstrum” characters."Marianne de Douhet - I/O Gazette - 07/03/2019


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©Darek Szuster, Maëliss le Bricon

5 to 25 July
21h35 à 23h50

20.50€ - Full price
14€ - Off price
9€ - Pro price
Spectacle Category:
From 15 years old.
Director :
Louis Arene
Casting :

With : Louis Arene, Sophie Botte, Delphine Cottu, Olivia Dalric, Alexandre Éthève, Lionel Lingelser, François Praud

Creation : Louis Arene and Lionel Lingelser

Dramatic art : Kevin Keiss

Director assistant : Maëliss le Bricon

Costumes design: Christian Lacroix, with assistants Jean-Philippe Pons et Karelle Durand

Stage design and masks : Louis Arene

Light designer : François Menou

Sound designer : Jean Thévenin, assistant Ludovic Enderlen

Make-up and wigs design: Véronique Soulier-Nguyen

Choreography : Yotam Peled

Stage design assistant, production department, props man : Valentin Paul

Props man, sound control room : Ludo Enderlen

Props assistant : Julien Antuori

Light engineer : Julien Cocquet

Dresser : Faustine Boyard

Costumes foreman : Lucie Lecarpentier

Wardrobe mistresses : Tiphanie Arnaudeau, Hélène Boisgontier, Castille Schwartz

Wardrobe trainees: Marnie Langlois, Iris Deve

Stage direction trainee : Mo Dumond


Munstrum Théâtre
Tour :

19 au 30 novembre 2019 - Le Monfort, Paris
30 janvier au 1er février 2020 - Scène Nationale de Chateauvallon
28 février - Théâtre de Châtillon

Avignon Contact (pro only) :
Alexandra Romaniew
Florence Bourgeon


La Patinoire (the Rink)
Accessible uniquement en navette
(départ 2 rue des écoles), France
carte des lieux de la Manufacture 2018