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Accessible to non-French speaking audiences. Type on the flags tab on the upper menu to access to English site

Après la neige

5 to 25 July
10h00 à 11h30

Seasonal Affective Disorder

5 to 25 July
10h10 à 11h50

Every Brilliant Things

5 to 25 July
10h15 à 11h30


5 to 25 July
11h55 à 13h15


5 to 25 July
12h00 à 13h55

After the End

5 to 25 July
13h40 à 14h55

The Scar

5 to 25 July
15h20 à 16h20


5 to 25 July
16h45 à 17h45

Final Cut

5 to 25 July
18h10 à 19h40

L’Origine du monde (46×55)

5 to 25 July
18h45 à 19h50

Spectacle internationnal

Le Raz de Marée

5 to 25 July
19h20 à 20h55

English subtitles for performances from July 5 to 10.


5 to 25 July
19h25 à 21h25

Morgane Poulette

5 to 24 July
21h05 à 22h45

Cherchez la faute !

8 to 24 July
10h45 à 12h45

Le 6,40

20 to 25 July
23h00 à 23h40

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