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Shonen – Eric Minh Cuong Castaing

The Shonen company has been created in 2007 by the choreographer and visual artist Eric Minh Cuong Castaing. In compliance with the choreographer’s mission as an associate artist with the Ballet National de Marseille, the company has been based in Marseille for three years. Since its foundation, the structure has carried twelve transdisciplinary choreographic creations – shows, performances, films, installations – linking dance and new technologies in the context of processes described as « In situ in socius ». The creations are presented in both field of performing art and visual arts.


Dance & new technologies

New technologies are considered, from a critical perspective, as new structures of perception. It is a question of providing devices, scenic or other, that renew the relationship between bodies and their environment, particularly in relationships of interdependence or co-presence (for example, by setting up a live streaming video between dancers on stage interacting with Palestinian dancers in Gaza – show Phoenix, creation 2018 -).


Plural bodies

Shonen explores bodies (both professional and amateur, prevented or called « out of the ordinary ») and dance in their diversity. Dance is envisaged as a set of technicalities – academic, urban, folk – linked to the culture of bodies in the presence or deterritorialised (for example, through the adaptation of Japanese būto visualization techniques with children with motor distability in l’Âge d’or – creation 2018 -). Finally, movement is human and non-human at the same time (use of humanoid robots or drones).


An « In situ In Socius » practice

Beyond the realization of a work, my projects are systematically at the heart of a social reality, according to an approach that I call « In situ in socius ». It is a question of operating artistic processes in partnership to create concrete and lively links, through the people involved, between public or specialized institutions (re- search laboratories, schools, hospitals, NGOs…) and the art world. The company’s activity generates collaborative projects, regularly associating emerging creators from the performing arts scene (Alessandro Sciarroni, Silvia Costa…) or visual artists (sculptor Anna Tomaszewski, director Mathilde Suppe…) as well as researchers and technicians (roboticians, drone pilots, DJ, video artists…).

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