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DROITDANSLEMUR frames the artistic work of Laurent Plumhans and Emilienne Tempels. This legal structure has been designed to address their need for sharing and collaborating, while respecting their own autonomy and singularity.

« I conceive my artistic work as a way of critically challenging the contemporary world and the links existing between its socio-economic organisation and individual intimacy. To do so, I address multiple key themes, such as the value of labour, the administrative rationalisation, and the « financialisation » of human relationships. 

My first two plays, C’est quand la délivrance? and Que reste-t-il des vivants? discuss mass unemployment and the « financialisation » of our existence with a similar approach : from the social phenomenon (macrocosm) to the intimate one (microcosm). In Yvan & Else, Bank of God, I put the focus on how the ecology of intimacy is declined in a society conditioned by economic contraints. 

In general, I am interested in exploring in a sensitive manner the relations between macrocosm and microcosm while remaining as close as possible to the audience, their realities and their daily life. »

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