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Compagnie Théâtre du prisme, Arnaud Anckaert & Capucine Lange

In 1998, Arnaud Anckaert and Capucine Lange created the Prisme Theater company, an approved company based in the Hauts-de-France. They do the spadework for texts, with a pronounced taste for Anglo-Saxon authors, which they translate, and that Arnaud Anckaert staged in French premiere. It was so for Orphelins, from Dennis Kelly, Constellations, from Nick Payne, Revolt. She said. Revolt again, from Alice Birch and Séisme, from Duncan Macmillan.

At the same time, they create Prise Directe, whose writings in touch with the current world constitute the heart of the project, in the spotlight in the Festival of the same name, readings, shows and concerts, which they put in place. the two years since 2013, which gives birth to many projects.

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