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Compagnie Akté

Anne-Sophie Pauchet and Arnaud Troalic, both actors and directors, founded Akté company in 2000 in the city of Le Havre. Since, they have always been working together on projects led by one or the other in a complementary and collaborating manner about either dramatic art, scenography or actor directing.

Akté ran the management and the programming of the Akté Theatre place until 2007, then decided to give all its energy  to theatrical creation and teaching activity. In 2015, the company moved to join the Cultural Center of  the Fort De Tourneville in which it manages a drama school. At the moment, in parallel with its artistic work,  the company is conducting a project for refitting the present place in a site devoted to creation.

Previous performances :
Borges Vs Goya by Rodrigo Garcia (2007), directed by Arnaud Troalic, presented at La Manufacture in 2008
Toxique, journal de désintoxication de François Sagan (2011), directed by Anne-Sophie Pauchet
Ouasmok? de Sylvain Levey (2014) directed by Anne-Sophie Pauchet
POLIS (2016), directed by Arnaud Troalic et presented at La Manufacture in 2017
L’île des esclaves by Marivaux (2017), directed by Anne-Sophie Pauchet


Akté company is supported by the city of Le Havre, DRAC (Ministry of Culture and Communication), and Normandy Region for the implementation and achievement of all its artistic project.

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