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Clinic Orgasm Society (BE) & Théâtre à cru (FR)

Alexis Armengol has based Théâtre à cru on a political and artistic project, which gives us a different perspective on the world around us. He does not just use text to express his artistic approach, but also other types of media and techniques. His writing does not have any boundaries but is a mix of surprises and confrontations.
Some of his most recent work include Candide what will become of us? (Oct, 2016) ; There’s not much that revolts me at the moment, in collaboration with Clinic Orgasm Society (Jan, 2018) and Vilain! (Nov, 2018).

Led by artistic directors Ludovic Barth and Mathylde Demarez, the Clinic Orgasm Society has been, since its birth in 2001, a multifaceted and multidisciplinary theatre company. Each project is like a fusion between theatre, music and technology. Working with a core of various artists, this company enjoys questioning its rapport to the audience as well as human wrigglings that give a semblance of meaning to the world. Each project is a creation that seems messy at times, full of imperfections, mistakes and failures but always perfectly put together.
Some of their work : I engraved my frog’s name in your liver (Oct, 2005) ; IYA (we feel good) (Mar, 2009) ; the Pré-Blé-Fusée trilogy (2012-2013) ; If you survive to me (Jan, 2016)…

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