Call for projects “Centriphery”

The “Centriphery” program, winner of Creative Europe 2019-2023 funding from the European Commission, aims to open up territories in the periphery of a city, region or continent.
Centriphérie networked and pooled ideas, projects, 9 European reference cultural organizations: Festival of Regions (Austria), Stichting Culture Nova (Harleem, Netherlands), Dansehalleme (Copenhagen, Denmark), Rijeka European Capital of Culture 2020 (Croatia), Timisoara European Capital of Culture 2021 (Romania), Anda & Fait (Azores, Portugal), Nova Kultura (Sophia, Bulgaria), Espoonkaupunginttheater (Espoon, Finland).

Through an approach based on what remains of oral transmissions in our digitalised contemporary societies and in these peripheral situations, targeting emerging artists from the 9 countries concerned, and developing strategies for pooling projects, productions and good practices, Centriphérie proposes to create common European stories.

Calls for projects, residencies and cross-runs will be organized between the 9 project partners in 2019. La Manufacture within the Festival Off d’Avignon, Rijeka 2020 and Timisoara 2021 European Capitals of Culture will serve as a demonstration space for the best projects of the program.

The kick-off meeting of the Centriphery project is planned in Linz, Austria, at the beginning of November 2018. Information on calls for projects will follow in early January 2019