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Johanna de Tessières

Présentation de la compagnie Johanna de Tessières

Johanna de Tessieres is a photojournalist based in Bruxelles. She is a member of the belgian collective of photographer: HUMA.
She regularly photographs for La Libre Belgique and for international medias. She also collaborates with NGO such as Handicap International, Amnesty International and SOLSOC. She photographs features focused on humanitarian and human right issues across the world. Her work about sexual abuses against Congolese women in North Kivu has been exposed in Bruxelles and Kinshasa. Since 2015 She is documenting Yazidis women who escaped from Daesh in northen Iraq. She is also documenting yazidi resistance. Her work is exhibited in Bruxelles : ” Le peuple yézidi entre exil et resistance” until 21 th of february 2018.

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